Pilot Registration

The first 150 pilots to pre-register will receive a special E-Fest Welcome Bag of free items, including a $20 Tower Hobbies Gift Certificate!

Registration: $20.00 in advance
$25.00 at the door
Pre-registration deadline is January 22, 2016

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I will be flying: Airplanes _____ Helicopters _____

Hobbico is delighted you are joining us for the 10th Anniversary E-Fest! To record the fun, we will be taking videos and photographs at the event. These videos or photos may be used in our advertising publications and promotional materials. We'd like your consent to use your image, voice, testimonials and other likeness in our advertising materials, such as magazine ads and on the Internet without charge to us. We will own all rights to the promotional materials described above, including all rights to any photographs and videos taken of you at the event.

If you agree to let us use your image in our promotional materials, please sign below.

We hope you have a wonderful time at 2016 E-Fest!

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Send the completed form no later than January 22, 2016 with a check or money order made to:   E-Fest

Attn: Frank Noll
c/o Hobbico
2904 Research Rd.
Champaign, IL 61822

Watch this page for your name as your confirmation!

Attention Pilots: E-Fest strongly recommends you operate your aircraft on 2.4GHz, as there will be no 72MHz frequency system in place. If you wish to fly on 72MHz, you will be flying at your own risk. Neither E-Fest, nor its sponsors will be responsible for any issues resulting with operation on 72MHz.


Anderson, CriagMO
Andren, MattIL
Angle, RonIL
Ater, EthanKY
Banderet, JoeIL
Batts, BenIN
Becher, LukeIN
Beers, AlanMO
Beers, AmandaMO
Belfort, DonOH
Bell, JimmyIL
Bellin, ColeWI
Bellin, JoeWI
Bishop, SethIL
Bishop, William Jr.IL
Bishop, William Sr.IL
Board, JoeIL
Boley, ChrisIL
Brooks, DavidIL
Cameron, DavidIL
Carter, ColeIL
Carter, PaulIL
Chaudhari, ChiragIL
Chitty, BrandonOK
Chitty, RickAZ
Christian, BillIL
Christian, RickIL
Chucta, BryanIL
Crockett, LucasIL
Derr, BrandonIL
Di Mauro, RonaldoMO
Dirnberger, JoelMN
Farina, JamesIL
Fassino, JamesIL
Fischer, JohnIL
Frederick, WilliamIL
Fulton, MikeIA
Gaither, JohnIN
Garvey, JimMO
Gauweiler, BernardWI
Gauweiler, EricSC
Gawlick, SteveIL
George, WayneIL
Gonzalez, ChayanneIL
Gonzalez, EdwinIL
Gonzalez, JulianIL
Gonzalez, PrestonIL
Greenawalt, BenIL
Gritter, RJVA
Gunn, MattOH
Gutschow, StevenMI
Hanshaw, TravisIL
Hart, DouglasIL
Hart, IvanIL
Hart, LarryIL
Hendrickson, MiltonIL
Herring, LarryIA
Hiller, BillIN
Hiller, DanIN
Hinkle, PhilipWI
Hornke, HaroldIL
Hung, ChiaOH
Hung, LucasOH
Hung, MicahOH
Irvin, LoganIL
Jacobson, CliffIL
Jacobson, DougIL
Johnson, BobWI
Johnston, CodyIL
Jorgenson, MarkKY
Kanak, JosefMO
Khachaturian, BenIL
Kiefer, MarkIL
Korfist, ColeIL
Kurella, CJPA
Landis, DanIL
Lansing, NathanIL
Lavender, TimTN
Lavender, Tim C.TN
Lavender, TyTN
Liss, BryanIN
Machinchy, AliIL
Maras, CharlesIL
McFarlane, CindyIL
McFarlane, DennisIL
McGrath, DevinNY
McTague, MikeIL
Mildebrandt, DonaldWI
Mills, SteveMN
Neuzerling, GaryIN
Neuzerling, LeviIN
Neuzerling, PaulIN
Neuzerling, PeteIN
Noll, FrankIL
Pattenaude, AustinIL
Payne, DavidIL
Pearson, JasonIL
Perno, SalIL
Petlak, AndrewIL
Pierson, GaryIL
Pleister, RichardWI
Puckett, ChrisIL
Reifsnyder, KalIL
Reifsnyder, TomIL
Ruby, RonIA
Russell, JasonIN
Russell, MorrisIN
Sabato, LenIL
Sadowski, EliIL
Sadowski, LukeIL
Sadowski, NoahIL
Scheppele, RobertMO
Schiff, JoshIL
Seckar, JamesWI
Sheppard, CurtisIL
Simon, JeffID
Slobe, MattMI
Smith, KeithIL
St. Clair, JamesMO
Stachacz, ScottIL
Stevens, SpencerIN
Still, MichaelIN
Thompson, LanceMO
Tuinenga, MichaelMI
Van Bergen, ClaireIL
Van Bergen, MattIL
Voights, PhilWI
Von Kloha, TroyMO
Watts, BobbyFL
Weber, ArminIL
Whitley, PeteIL
Wiggin, JimIL
Wilson, MichaelIL
Winkless, StephanieIL
Wolflick, DonIL
Woller, GabeIL
Wright, GaryIL
Wussow, MichaelWI
Young, JeffreyMO
Ziska, MelIL