Pilot Registration

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Attention Pilots: EFEST strongly recommends you operate your aircraft on 2.4GHz this year, as there will be no 72MHz frequency system in place. If you wish to fly on 72MHz, you will be flying at your own risk. Neither EFEST, nor it's sponsors will be responsible for any issues resulting with operation on 72MHz.

Registration: $20.00 in advance
$25.00 at the door
Pre-registration deadline is January 16, 2015

New this year!!! The first 100 pilots will receive an ESTES ProtoX that is valued at $60. Your name will appear with a "x" next to it for confirmation on this page.

Please print legibly.






Send the completed form with a check or money order made to:   E-FEST

Attn: Frank Noll
c/o Hobbico
2904 Research Rd.
Champaign, Ill. 61822

Watch this page for your name as your confirmation!


Agosti, CharlesMIX
Angle, RonILX
Banderet, JoeILX
Barnes, LarryMOX
Batts, BenINX
Becher, LukeINX
Belfort, DonOHX
Berninger, WillOHX
Bishop Jr, BillILX
Bishop Sr, BillILX
Bishop, SethILX
Bland, ScottNCX
Board, JoeILX
Brooks, DavidILX
Brown, DavidILX
Burner, KevinIL 
Burns, DavidILX
Christian, BillILX
Christian, RickILX
Chu, ConradCAX
Cordell, KevinMOX
Cutrone, JackILX
Debor, KenMIX
Decker, DavidINX
Derr, BrandonILX
Dirnberger, JoelMN 
Driskell, MikeSCX
Dunn, TerryTXX
Dussia, JaseMIX
Fassino, JimILX
Fischer, JohnILX
Gawlik, SteveILX
George, WayneIL 
Glasa, BobILX
Gonzalez, ChayanneILX
Gonzalez, EdwinILX
Gonzalez, JulianILX
Gonzalez, PrestonILX
Greenawalt, BenILX
Griffith, DavidINX
Gritter, RJNC 
Haley, JamesIL 
Heath, AshleighMIX
Heger, AndreasOHX
Hendrickson, MiltonILX
Herring, LarryIAX
Hiller, BillINX
Hiller, DanINX
Himelick, DougILX
Himelick, JoshILX
Howard, GlenILX
Huhn, ChrisIL 
Hung, ChiaOHX
Hung, LucasOHX
Hung, MicahOHX
Imhoff, TomILX
Johnson, RobertWIX
Jordon, EricGA 
Jorgenson, MarkKY 
Jost, MattMOX
Kiefer, MarkILX
Kurella, CJPAX
Landis, DanIL 
Lavender, TimTNX
Lavender, Tim Jr.TNX
Lavender, TyTNX
Liss, BryanINX
Malone, DanINX
Mauro, RonaldoMOX
McFarlane, DennisIL 
McGrath, DevinNY 
McTague, MikeILX
Merwin, ChetMIX
Meyer, GregIL 
Mills, SteveMN 
Mitchell, CodyMIX
Moak, DavidINX
Neuzerling, GaryINX
Neuzerling, LeviINX
Neuzerling, PaulINX
Neuzerling, PeteINX
Nitsch, TerryOHX
Noll, FrankIL 
Payne, DavidIL 
Perno, SalILX
Pesch, ArtIL 
Petlak, AndrewILX
Petrotto, StevenIL 
Pierson, GaryILX
Ramsey, JacobINX
Ramsey, MichaelILX
Ray, LeeTXX
Roddy, MarkMIX
Ruby, RonIAX
Scheppele, BobMOX
Seckar, JamesWIX
Seckar, LoganWIX
Seckar, MasonWIX
Siwek, TomILX
Smith, KeithILX
Stachacz, ScottILX
Stevens, SpencerINX
Still, MichaelINX
Stokes, JohnIL 
Thompson, LanceMOX
Van BergenILX
Voights, PhilipWIX
Von Kloha, TroyMOX
Walker, FitzTXX
Weber, ArminILX
Williams, JeffINX
Williams, MarkIL 
Winkless, StephanieILX
Wolflick, RonaldILX
Woller, GabeILX
Wright, GaryIL 
Young, JeffreyMOX
Zabrowski, MikeIL 
Ziska, MelILX