Indoor RC Scale Model Contest

Purpose: The purpose of this event is to have fun, share building, modifying and painting techniques as well as crown a “champion” regarding two disciplines i.e. building and flying. We would like to hope that you find new respect and enjoyment in participating in an event like this and support scale aero-modeling in the future! We are also going to use this time to introduce you to scale modeling from a larger perspective by using AMAs 513 schedule “indoor” as our basis for this event.

We will be flying a slightly modified version of AMA 513 RC Sportsman/Expert Combined “indoor” to allow time to complete the event as well as encourage the most participation. Description of “maneuvers” begins on page SC-20. Rules for the 513 event beginning on page SC-12 through SC-16: Any information listed as BOLD CAPS on this document will denote a deviation from the 513 rules.

Information on the 513 can be found at:

Any tweaks and deviation from the AMAs 513 are incidental and the verbiage below overrides the 513 rule set.

E-Fest Scale Rules:
The model aircraft must be a replica of a full scale aircraft.
One model entry per contestant, owner/builder must pilot the aircraft.
There will be ONE (1) class and it will be based on AMAs 513 RC Sportsman/Expert Combined schedule.

Fixed Wing Aircraft Weight Limit:
Fixed Wing – 12oz max weight ready to fly with flight battery.

1 - Static Scoring:
Your model will be judged on the following guidelines and will be judged at CLOSE UP. Per 513 rules interiors will not be judged.
100 points maximum may be earned as follows:
Accuracy of Outline Maximum 40  
Craftsmanship Maximum 30
Finish, Color and Markings Maximum 30

2 - Flight Maneuvers:
Your aircraft will be judged on the following maneuvers. NOTE, IMPORTANT: Due to flight time constraints only the top 8 scoring static models will be forwarded to the flight portion of the contest.

The RC flight plan shall consist of 8 MANEUVERS and/or scale operations, five (5) *mandatory and five (3) optional. The *mandatory items are unassisted ROG, figure eight, fly past, landing, and realism in flight. NOTE: Maneuvers must be flown I the order listed below and the beginning and end of each maneuver must be called out “beginning and “complete”

*Takeoff (ROG) (0 to 10 pts) Takeoff and landing must be parallel to judges.
*Figure Eight
*Fly past (0 to 10 pts) pass to be over 40 feet long between 5 and 10 feet altitude.
Option (0 to 10 pts)
Option (0 to 10 pts)
Option (0 to 10 pts)
*Landing (0 to 10 pts)
*Flight Realism (0 to 10 pts)

We will only be flying ONE ROUND.

NOTE: One (1) of the three (3) “maneuvers of your choice” can be substituted with “one (1) MECHANICAL OPTION i.e. flaps, gear, etc. (Lighting, and twin engine aircraft will not count as an option or towards your flight score). The mechanical option must be proven and judged with the aircraft in flight.


1 - Your “static score” will be the average between judges of the 3 static disciplines.
2 - Your “flight score” will be the average between judges of the 8 flight maneuvers.
Your “Score Total” will be the sum of the static score and the flight score.


  • The CD for the event is Mike Zaborowski
  • A contestant number will be issued to you upon registration.
  • Registration begins at 9:00 am the Saturday of the event. No pre-registration.
  • Static judging to begin at 1pm
  • We will have 1/2 hour dedicated to the flight portion of the event beginning at 5:30pm sharp. Please everybody be ready.
  • There will be NO “SCALE ONLY” dedicated time slot before the flight portion of the contest for practice flights.
  • Contestants will have 4 Minutes from when called to complete the flight, no exceptions.
  • If we (the event host/CD) find anything suspect of compromising public safety, the aircraft will not be allowed to fly.

Awards issued:
High Static Score
1st, 2nd and 3rd place contest scores

Any resulting ties will be broken using your static score as the tie breaker.


Photos courtesy of Mark Fadely