Mass launch (1 heat)! 2.4 technology mandatory.

10 oz. weight limit with Battery. The winner will be inspected at the end of match.

All pilots will have a monitor to insure engagement. No running and hiding at the ceiling will be permitted.

From launch, the pilot MUST go to full throttle and maintain it during the whole flight. The "flight monitors" will be watching for your throttle position as well as if the pilot "engages" (attempts to fight) the battle. If either of these are not observed, then the pilot will be asked to land and will be disqualified.

If the airplane touches the ground at any point during the match, this is grounds for immediate disqualification.

If the airplane survives a mid air and is "controllable", it will be allowed to continue. If it is deemed "unsafe", you will be asked to land immediately.

When the final 3 competitors are reached, they will be asked to "orbit" until a signal is given. At the signal, the first person to fly through the appointed obstacle will be crowned the winner.

No leading edge cutting devices will be permitted for safety reasons.